Ticketfly Hacker Claims To Have Stolen User Information

If you’ve ever ordered through Ticketfly’s website then listen up, as this story could affect you.

According to multiple reports, a hacker took over the ticketing website and claims to have stolen the user database in the process. For some time, the website was blacked out and read, “Ticketfly HacKeD By IsHaKdZ.”

In a series of emails, the hacker followed up to share details of hacked information including CSV spreadsheet files with personal details of Ticketfly customers. That includes customer and employee names, home addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

The hacker has since been locked out and the company’s website is now back under proper control. An official statement reads as follows:

Following a series of recent issues with Ticketfly properties, we’ve determined that Ticketfly has been the target of a cyber incident. Out of an abundance of caution, we have taken all Ticketfly systems temporarily offline as we continue to look into the issue. We are working to bring our systems back online as soon as possible. Please check back later.

For information on specific events please check the social media accounts of the presenting venues/promoters to learn more about availability/status of upcoming shows. In many cases, shows are still happening and tickets may be available at the door.

The legitimacy of this hacked information is being investigated. In the meantime, fans are being asked to print off tickets at home, which we haven’t done since the Stone Age. You should also definitely change your passwords right now.

Ticketing Security Breach


H/T: Motherboard

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Ticketfly Hacker Claims To Have Stolen User Information

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