Tiffany Confirms Her New Album Will Have “Baby Making, Sex Vibes” 

There are more details being spilled for Tiffany’s new album and they are utterly sexy!



A sneak peak was revealed on her personal Twitter account where she featured a clip featuring famous choreographer Yanis Marshall…


A choreographer famous for his intricately sexy choreography often time using male dancers in high-heeled shoes.


Tiffany was briefly seen rehearsing for her new song “Over My Skin” with Yanis Marshall where an audio preview of her song can be heard playing in the background. 


Kim Jae Ha further predicted a “baby boom” once the music is released and Tiffany herself agreed with it! 


Fans are already claiming to be pregnant with her teasers so let’s see if the theory is correct! 


“Over My Skin” will be released on June 28 and will be Tiffany’s first release since becoming a free agent. 


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