Tiffany Gives Her Opinion On Red Velvet’s “Gee” Cover

It’s no secret that Tiffany is like a big sister to the Red Velvet girls. Despite leaving SM Entertainment, she continues to show just how much she loves the girls and recently paid them a huge compliment!

sm halloween


A few days ago, Red Velvet performed the Girls’ Generation classic “Gee”. The cover was a huge hit among fans from both groups and netizens.


But it wasn’t just netizens that were impressed with their cover! Tiffany was caught liking a Twitter post about the girls’ performance.

Tiffany liked tweet


Tiffany is quite busy right now since she recently made her American debut, so it makes her approval even more special and sweet.

tiffany red velvet


But once a big sister always a big sister!

halloween 2

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