Time for Some LA Love! Get to Know MR DEEDS (SDF-1) and Jakpot With Their Multi-Genre Track, ‘Go!’

“Get to Know” is sort of a misnomer when it comes to LA bass music and rave veteran, MR DEEDS. Formerly known as SDF-1, DEEDS rocked the tables when there were tables, playing some of the most unique drum and bass available in those days (mid-to-late ’90s), being a towering fixture at raves and always bringing the fun levels up to eleven at DnB parties.

In the mid ’00s like many DnB DJs and producers of the time, DEEDS fell in love with dubstep and also, from an EDM scene perspective, went a bit quiet. From the perspective of the LA underground, however, that was definitely not the case. Lo these many lean DnB years, DEEDS has been experimenting with all the new genres of bass music, making tracks in all of them on his grassroots label Merge Music, hosting incredibly fun parties like “Dad and Bass” and more recently “DnB vs. Riddim” (spoiler alert), hosting a popular radio show called “The DnB Show” and, extraordinarily, teaching electronic music production at Icon Collective Music School in Los Angeles. So, many who read this may not be getting to know DEEDS so much as finding out what he’s been up to. And if you don’t know, now you know.

Jakpot, a newcomer to the dubstep scene, is one who likely needs a little more “getting to know” in the wider LA bass music community (although not really if you check out his Facebook or Instagram). DEEDS and Jakpot met at the Icon school, where DEEDS was Jakpot’s teacher. The LA-from-Miami transplant has been producing trap and dubstep since 2012, when he actually debuted his music at Ultra fest in 2012. That’s a pretty big start, and with that it’s easy to see where Jakpot got his rave-influenced, somewhat techno-y take on bass music. With an EP called Grimace on Blasted Records in 2013 and a full album in 2017, Jakpot’s Soundcloud recently took a more riddim turn, but it’s full of lots of tracks and free downloads, so this newish artist is nothing if not dedicated.

“Go!” is the first track that DEEDS and Jakpot have come together on, and it’s a great example of a perfect marriage between their two styles. It’s just about exactly half DnB and half riddim, with the switch ups also taking on a decidedly DnB tone, which is to say they’re smooth as hell. It’s tough to even tell, based on the perceived tempo being kept consistent. The synth melody, largely comprised of a metallic sounding sample which could easily work for both genres laces together the two beat structures so it again sounds extremely fluid, except after the drops where the change in beat is supposed to make an impact. A couple of nods to ragga jungle are also woven in as phrase transitions, presumably by DEEDS, but it gives the track that last little bit of interest that will grab the attention of a number of different types of bass music fans. “Go” is an all around a solid track with a lot more to it than first meets the ear.

It’s unclear whether Jakpot and MR DEEDS will be making any more tracks together. DEEDS is clearly busy with his radio show, making tracks and teaching, while Jakpot has posted many more tracks on his Soundcloud since “Go!” released. Based on this track, however, it would be silly for the two not to continue working together, so here’s hoping they make more tracks like “Go” in the future. The bass music community could stand to be shaken up a bit by DnB/riddim hybrids and whatever else these two have in store.

“Go” is out now on DEEDS’s Merge Music label, and is available as a free download on Merge’s Soundcloud. Follow Merge as well for their weekly podcast, “The DNB Show.” Also check out Jakpot’s Soundcloud for his latest releases and likely even more free downloads. To find “Go” on all other outlets, click here.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Time for Some LA Love! Get to Know MR DEEDS (SDF-1) and Jakpot With Their Multi-Genre Track, ‘Go!’

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