Timeless Canceled (Again) By NBC; Series Finale Movie Being Discussed

Time is up for NBC’s Timeless as the network cancels the time-travel drama for a second time. Despite having been saved from its initial cancelation at the end of season 1, thanks to a passionate fan campaign and a move to a new night of the week, the series remained on the bubble during the recent wave of cancelations and renewals. Though the fate of most shows were decided weeks ago — with several canceled series already finding new homes on other networks and streaming services — the ultimate fate of Timeless took a little longer to decide. 

Since this is the series’ second time around the cancelation block, it does take some of the sting out of what is otherwise bad news. But it looks as though NBC and Sony Pictures Television are in talks to help assuage the pain with talks of a two-hour TV movie that would effectively serve as a proper series finale. After the huge cliffhanger season 2 ended on, that would certainly give fans the closure they want. 

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As reported by Deadline, NBC made the announcement today, though talks regarding the series finale movie are ongoing. Deadline mentions that while a movie would be great for fans who not only successfully campaigned to save the series once, but more recently launched a second #RenewTimeless endeavor on Twitter, the project comes with a significant price tag and little financial upside for the network. 

It’s been a strange offseason for television, with a number of popular (but not popular enough, apparently) shows getting the ax, only to be saved in some form or another. FOX made waves with the cancelation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, only to see the series picked up for a sixth season by NBC a little over a day later. Similarly, SYFY’s cancelation of the critically praised The Expanse was overturned when Amazon renewed the series for season 4, and Netflix announced it would save Lucifer from cancelation. 

Unfortunately for Timeless fans, it doesn’t seem as though there’s an eleventh hour save in the works for this twice-canceled series, and that they’ll have to settle for a TV movie to wrap up the story of  Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), her shippable romance with Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter), and the  increasingly elaborate machinations of Rittenhouse as the organization works its way through time in an effort to rule the world. That’s a lot to resolve in a season, let alone a two-hour movie, but for the sake of all the Timeless fans out there, at least there’s hope that some sort of resolution may be on the way. 

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Source: Deadline

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