Tomorrowland Is Going With A Totally Different Look This Year

As Tomorrowland 2018 nears, The Story of Planaxis is destined to unfold. This year, the music festival in Boom, Belgium is all about creating a wonderful underwater world for its spectators to experience life and music like never before.

A recent printing of Tomorrowland Today, a Buurtkrant publication made specifically for locals, dives deep into the aquatic theme for this year. Creative director Christophe Van den Branden says fans can expect Tomorrowland to look completely different than years past.

“We provide a totally different look compared to the previous years,” he says in the paper. “We did not rely on anything and created something completely new from our offices in Antwerp. That has cost us a lot of time and effort for this edition.”

Through The Story of Planaxis, Van den Branden says, “We invite the People of Tomorrow to a world underwater, where they can discover how beautiful the ocean is and that we should cherish it.”

He also gives a strong hint as to the direction of the ground’s breathtaking structures. After all, Planaxis refers to a genus of small sea snails. “A powerful name too, and with reference to the golden ratio, the divine relationship that can be found in a shell, among other things. All of that will be part of the architecture of this underwater world. “

Check out the Tomorrowland 2018 trailer below and get ready to experience the festival grounds like never before! It sounds like they’re going all out this year!

Tomorrowland Belgium 2018 | The Story of Planaxis – Trailer

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Tomorrowland Is Going With A Totally Different Look This Year

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