TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of Girl’s Day Minah

From being the lead singer of Dream Tea Entertainment to the first in her group to have her own solo album, Girl’s Day‘s Minah is known for her incredible voice. The singer is also known for having one of the cutest faces in the industry, but has also donned her fair share of sexy outfits. Here are the top 10 sexiest outfits of the talented Girl’s Day vocalist, Minah!


10. Little black dress

Minah’s stage costume from “Something” really showed off her amazing legs.


9. Same but different

Another variation of the costume, this time in skin tone.


8. Red and black = sexy

Another dress from Girl’s Day’s “Something” promotions, the red and black coupled with the see-through arms made fans go crazy.


7. Safari suit

Leopard print and suspenders are a very sexy combo.


6. All suited up

A black suit and suspenders is also an incredibly hot look.


5. Red hot

Minah is hot and in red for Girl’s Day’s “Female President” promotions.


4. Pretty in pink

Minah looks incredibly sexy in pink.


3. Sweater weather

A sexy sweater and shorts was a very sexy choice for the singer’s solo promotions.


2. Laced up

From her solo debut music video, this outfit leaves little to imagine as the singer appears stuck in a glass tank.


1. Can’t be beat

With such daring jean shorts, this is definitely Minah’s sexiest and most daring stage outfit yet!


This outfit is definitely among the sexiest outfits any idol’s taken the stage with!


Bonus: Plaid shorts

Minah can even make plaid look sexy.


Purple stripes

Purple and white stripes all the way. The change in pattern makes it even better!


All in black

This one just speaks for itself.


Head to toe white

White works just as well!



And here’s Minah showing off her sexiest outfit.

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