TWICE Nayeon Has Her Birth Year To Thank For Ranking High On This Industry Survey

K-netz are definitely looking forward to what TWICE’s Nayeon will do in 2019 if the results of this industry survey are an indication!


Naver recently did a survey asking K-netz (age 14+) to vote for “the star you’re anticipating seeing this year who is born in the year of pig”.

With 22,000 people responding, Nayeon (who qualified due to being born in 1995) was ranked #2 with 16.6% of the vote among the female stars!


The Top 5 list is as follows:

  • Hwasa – Mamamoo
  • Nayeon – TWICE
  • Son Dambi
  • Choi Yeojin
  • Kang Yumi

This is a huge achievement for Nayeon since the list isn’t just for idols, but for actors, models, etc. So the fact that she can hold such a strong command of the votes is a big deal.

We can’t wait to see what Nayeon has in store for us in 2019!

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