TWICE’s Jihyo Issues A Warning For Hacker, JYP Entertainment Threatens With Legal Action

 TWICE’s Jihyo recently issued a statement exposing the lengths a hacker has gone through on her personal account. 



According to her, a hacker tried to access her personal information and even attempted to scam her family members for money. A screencap of the alleged conversation was posted on TWICE’s official Instagram account. 


It also came with a warning saying: 

“Recently, my Naver ID has been hacked and locked so cannot check my business e-mails. This was a message from my family this morning.

Are you pretending to be a celebrity so you can scam my family’s contact information? Do not be naughty in ways like this. I will not tolerate it twice. Take it easy.”

— Jihyo



JYP Entertainment also threatened with legal action to those who attempt to invade the privacy of their artists. A statement was posted on their official website. 



Fans were also outraged in the incident and have sent encouraging messages towards Jihyo. 


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