TWICE’s Momo and Nayeon Rediscover the Good Old Photobooth in Japan

Following the first post of their trip to Japan, Momo and Nayeon added many more photos of their adventures on TWICE‘s official Instagram account.

TWICE’s Momo and Nayeon uploaded multiple photobooth pictures along with the caption:

“Our eyes look twice as big in these sticker photos…”

50844783_896827860520881_1536321781415135771_n 49933738_351704002276450_4911334548176100239_n

In addition to the photobooth photos, multiple individual shots of Momo in very fuzzy gear were added:

49457240_351202482385969_3760705983695890270_n 49475054_522805298128541_4069984961514100649_n

It appears that Momo has rediscovered her love for fuzzy gear as well.

49679195_375145716389150_1007205136649229963_n 49933389_2190948907845581_4973394822449334669_n 47694983_322166345085184_4441094722742860769_n

Did she win more fuzzy gear at the arcade?

49753218_373124843490839_2690100320958379584_n 50122737_138943673778814_6387704236737411320_n

She even found a fuzzy friend.

It’s good to see they stayed warm during their vacation!

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