TWICE’s Momo Appears at the Gaon Chart Music Awards with an Apple

The 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards just ended, and TWICE fans still can’t get over Momo‘s red carpet appearance.


On the afternoon of the 23rd, TWICE made their entrance at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, South Korea, where they posed for some photos.


As usual, TWICE entered looking radiant in their gorgeous outfits. What else is new right?

However, what was unusual was what Momo was holding in her hands on her way in.


She graciously walked in with an apple, which made fans wonder, “Is she dressed up as Snow White? Did she bring a snack?”

There seemed to have been a purpose of this apple, and that purpose was to pose with it.


Momo was seen simply holding it elegantly.


And she also displayed on the palm of her hands.


Lastly, she even made a heart with it, which made fans wonder if that was the purpose of the apple all along.

Momo never fails to surprise her fans with her silly charm, does she?

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