Two EXO-Ls Found Out They Met Suho’s Friend And Their Reaction Was Relatable AF

Two EXO-Ls in Cuba had a very relatable reaction after they met one of EXO Suho‘s close friends!


Suho and actor Ryu Jun Yeol have been close friends for years. The two have been spotted hanging out together on multiple occasions and Ryu Jun Yeol has even been to EXO’s concerts! While finding out how close the two are may come as a surprise to some fans, nobody has ever had a reaction quite like two Suho stans who recently met the actor!

suho ryu yeol


During a recent episode of JTBC‘s Traveler, Ryu Jun Yeol traveled to Cuba. While there he met a couple of locals and struck up a conversation with them. At first, he simply asked them if they knew K-Pop and liked it.

“Do you like K-Pop?”

— Ryu Jun Yeol


When the two straight away revealed they were fans of EXO, Ryu Jun Yeol revealed that he had a close friend in EXO and the two fans were immediately excited!

“I have a friend in EXO!”

— Ryu Jun Yeol


And when they found out his friend was Suho, well, they just couldn’t believe they’d met their bias’ friend!

“Suho’s friend! Daebak!”

— EXO-Ls


So it wasn’t too much of a surprise that they went in for a big hug when Ryu Jun Yeol mentioned starring in the movie “Glory Day” with Suho!


Their fellow EXO-Ls have been loving their reaction to meeting Suho’s good friend and think it’s incredibly relatable.


And as it happens, one of them was the president of the EXO fanclub in Cuba!  Talk about an amazing meeting!

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