Two Friends Kick Off 2019 With A Bang With New Single, “Take It Off”

If there’s one artist I’ve been excited to hear from this year, it’s the Two Friends. Coming off a massive year in 2018, there’s no question Matt & Eli propelled themselves and their music into a whole new sphere. They’ve kicked off the new year with a bang, with their highly anticipated “With My Homies” tour as well as a brand new single, “Take It Off”.

To put it plain, this single is so catchy and will have you pressing play over and over. It earned a slot on Spotify’s New Music Friday and has been buzzing with reposts from fans all over the world. “Take It Off” is a fun-loving dance-pop track powered by beautiful vocals and a signature, uplifting Two Friends arrangement.

“‘Take It Off’ is about being with someone that is closed off because of past relationships. All you want to do is scream ‘TRUST ME!’ but it’s not that easy to let their guard down when they’ve done the same thing before and it’s messed them up. It’s always a musical challenge to write from the opposite gender’s perspective, but we think this song can relate to anyone that’s been in a relationship with someone closed off.”

Stream “Take It Off” below!

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Two Friends Kick Off 2019 With A Bang With New Single, “Take It Off”

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