Ugh, Jauz Just Lost All Of The New Music He’s Been Working On

Jauz wowed us with his 23-track concept album The Wise and the WickedHis debut was all-encompassing in terms of his sound, artistic direction, and experimentation. With such a huge release under his belt, fans were excited to hear more — but we have some bad news and some good news about that.

First, the bad news. Jauz might have to say goodbye to all of the new stuff he had written throughout 2018. It sounds like some sort of computer issue has caused him to lose his everything he was working on. According to a tweet straight from the source, his most recent material is gone.

Now, for the good news. This means a fresh start for the producer. Of course, it’s not an easy thing as an artist to lose everything you’ve been working toward, especially over a technical problem. Honestly though, producers only get better with time. Hopefully this new start gives Jauz a new perspective on his music.

He leaves us with a bit of advice — “Back up your computers kids.”

So sorry to hear this, Jauz — but we know you’ll still deliver.


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Ugh, Jauz Just Lost All Of The New Music He’s Been Working On

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