Unknown Mortal Orchestra share chill video for “Hunnybee”: Watch

Unknown Mortal Orchestra has shared a music video for Sex & Food single, “Hunnybee”. As with their previous videos for “Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays” and “American Guilt”, the clip was animated and directed by Greg Sharp.

With a title inspired by the middle name of frontman Ruban Nielson’s daughter, “Hunnybee” is a bright, colorful cut suffused with Tropicália vibes and an R&B chorus. Sharp’s warm animation, which depicts a traveler’s train ride through New Zealand, evokes the song’s chill vibes and pop propulsion by juxtaposing the calm of the rider with the chaos of outside world.

Watch it below.

UMO will kick off a North American tour in early July. Go here to view their full itinerary.

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