Venom’s Trailer is the Most Viewed in the Entire Spider-Man Franchise

The official trailer for Venom has been viewed by far the most out of the entire Spider-Man franchise. It even blew past Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Tom Holland-starring debut of Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which came together on a partnership between Sony and Marvel Studios. Venom, which stars Tom Hardy in the title role, isn’t part of the MCU – but clearly, the buzz has been massive.

Venom remains one of the most popular and complicated Marvel characters, and that’s reflected in the colossal view count of the first full trailer, which gave the first look at Hardy’s full transformation into the iconic Symbiote alien. The trailer drew so many eyeballs on YouTube that it doesn’t even need to be compared to other Spider-Man trailers anymore. It’s become one of the most popular trailers, period.

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Thanks to some sleuthing at Screen Crush, it was discovered that the Venom trailer’s 64 million views are by a wide margin the most of any movie in the entire Spider-Man franchise. It obliterates the total for The Amazing Spider-Man (37 million), as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming (28 million) and the newly released trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It also got more views than Star Wars: The Last Jedi (50 million), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (55 million), and Iron Man 3 (62 million).

In light of the Venom trailer’s astronomical total compared to the other Spider-Man movies, it’s more appropriate to compare it to all other trailers. As reported by ScreenCrush, it likely cracks the top-20 all-time on YouTube, checking in just behind Thor: Ragnarok’s 66 million. It didn’t land terribly far behind the first Jurassic World trailer, which has 89 million views. And there may never be a trailer more viewed than the dominating record-holder, Avengers: Infinity War and its 202 million views.

It speaks to the enduring popularity of Venom as a character in the Marvel universe, that he would get his own solo vehicle and the trailer would dominate all other trailers related to Spider-Man. Despite the persistent rumors that Holland may make a cameo, this is ostensibly Venom’s movie. The massive YouTube totals for the trailer could also be somewhat of a byproduct of the first teaser trailer showing practically nothing, which left fans wanting more in a way not common to most big-budget movie teasers in recent memory.

Ultimately, it’s not much of a surprise that the Venom trailer blew up like it did when you consider that it raced past the likes of Wonder Woman in just its first 24 hours. As a rare R-rated entry into the Marvel realm, one that’s based on an iconic yet relatively under-served character on the big screen, Venom previews carry an uncommon amount of weight. The question, now, is whether the next Venom trailer can take the buzz to yet another level.

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Source: Screen Crush

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