Wanna One Fans Bash NU’EST’s Aron For Commenting About Hwang Minhyun’s Post

Earlier today, NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun uploaded a post on Instagram, inviting his fans to come talk with him.

“See you at the live broadcast tonight✌🏻

— Hwang Minhyun


Soon after, his bandmate Aron uploaded a screenshot of Minhyun’s post with a simple caption.

“Good luck, my L.O.ㅅ.E.~ㅋㅋㅋ”

— Aron


Alleged fans of Wanna One (Hwang Minhyun’s project group from Produce 101 Season 2) began bashing on Aron, claiming that he was disrespecting Wannables.

nuest aron hwang minhyun 1

nuest aron hwang minhyun 2


Many even claimed that Aron was trying to start a fight.

nuest aron hwang minhyun 3


NU’EST fans immediately clarified that Aron was referring to his achievement in liking Hwang Minhyun’s post before any of the other fans. They emphasized that the caption had nothing to do with Wanna One fans.

nuest aron minhyun instagram


Looking closely at Aron’s post, you can see that he is the first and only like on Hwang Minhyun’s post.

nuest aron hwang minhyun instagram


Aron is well known among his fans for being the fastest person on the internet. They frequently hold battles against each other to see who is faster.

aron nuest minhyun instagram


As always, Aron only spreads love on social media for his fans!

nuest arong hwang minhyun insta

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