Warning For Violating Broadcasting Laws Slapped On Seungri’s Salty Tour Episode With Sejeong

Broadcasting station tvN received an official warning from the Korean Communication Standards Commissions (KCCC) for violating gender equality regulations. 



The warning was issued for a scene on Salty Tour where BIGBANG’s Seungri asked gugudan’s Sejeong to pour drink for the most attractive male cast member. Sejeong appeared to have been uncomfortable with the task but went ahead anyway for the broadcast. 



Sejeong’s notable discomfort with the situation drew criticisms from viewers of the show, including Seungri fans.

Seungri Under Fire For Inappropriately Mistreating Sejeong On “Salty Tour”


According to the committee, the incident was seen as a form of sexual harassment but was aired anyway despite concerns and criticisms. tVN was further penalized by their affiliates for airing the segment. 



BIGBANG’s Seungri has not made any comment about the warning. 



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