Watch BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” Performance At The Billboard Music Awards 2018

BTS made legendary history tonight when they performed their latest hit “FAKE LOVE” at the BBMAs!


After winning Top Social Artist award for the second time in a row, BTS became the first K-Pop artist to perform at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony.


They graciously took the stage as they started off the title track of their latest album, “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear”.

“LOVE YOURSELF: Tear” dropped just a few days ago but it’s already breaking records left and right!


As always, BTS amazed the worldwide audience with their stunning choreography and beautiful vocals!


They didn’t fail in meeting their fans’ expectations as they introduced “FAKE LOVE” to the world for the first time!

This was the first time BTS revealed their “FAKE LOVE” performance.


Congratulations to BTS for making even more history in K-Pop history!

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