Westworld Creators Promise Every Single Mystery & Question Will Be Answered

According to series creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Westworld‘s tangled plot lines will eventually be smoothed out and resolved, and fans will have answers to their increasingly long list of questions. Many viewers have felt like the show has taken several wrong turns throughout season 2, liberally piling on the mysteries and stacking up the puzzles with abandon.

It often feels like the writers are spinning their wagon-wheels and have no idea where they’re going with the world they’ve created, but that’s not necessarily the case. With only one episode left in the season, Westworld feels primed to leave fans scratching their heads until the season 3 premiere next summer, but the series creators are actually promising answers before the season ends.

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In a recent Q&A with Lauren Laverne via (CNET), Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan both insisted that they don’t create a mystery unless they intend to solve it, so viewers shouldn’t fear winding up stranded on an island, as it were. Joy said:

“In Lost, they really believed in the mystery box and not looking too much inside the box. I think we are interested in dismantling the mystery box, opening it up, looking at what it is, putting it together like its some kind of Lego.”

During the Q&A, Joy went so far as to compare Westworld to T.S. Eliot’s epic poem The Wasteland, claiming that both works contain multiple layers of meaning, both invite and reward deeper analysis, and both can simply be enjoyed on a surface level. But, for some fans, even Westworld‘s surface level has proven far too convoluted, labyrinthine, and self-indulgent. Season 2 saw the HBO series expand its already sprawling scope to include entirely new regions like The Raj and Shogun World. Meanwhile, the show’s increasingly disjointed, nonlinear timelines can often feel superfluous and needlessly confusing. Joy urges audiences to keep faith, remain calm, and be patient: “The questions that we tee up, we do try to address,” she said. “We have an answer for all of them.”

Season 1 of Westworld was heavily focused on the robot hosts at the center of the story, charting their development as they began to rebel against their human oppressors. Meanwhile, season 2 has been largely focused on depicting that rebellion come to a head. In order to survive, characters have evolved, shapeshifted, and changed drastically throughout the course of the season, and Joy suggests this is entirely by design. She reportedly wants characters to rise above traditional archetypes of “good” and “evil” in order to subvert the conventions of traditional Westerns. Here’s hoping those conventions aren’t subverted to the point that viewers lose interest in the show altogether.

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Source: CNET

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