Will Jurassic World 3 Finally Use The Human-Dino Concept Art?

Will Jurassic World 3 finally use the concept of the human-dino hybrids? After 2001’s Jurassic Park III, Spielberg’s prehistoric franchise found itself stuck in Development Hell. Although Spielberg wanted to work on a film in which dinosaurs made it to the mainland, different scriptwriters just couldn’t make the movie work.

When Colin Trevorrow came on board for Jurassic World, he did his own thing, but we now know that he actually lifted the basic idea, planning a trilogy of films in which dinosaurs would make their way into the North American ecosystem, while dinosaur genetic samples were successfully obtained by a range of unscrupulous corporations. There’s a strange sense in which Trevorrow’s vision actually seems to be accurate to those early drafts of Jurassic Park 4 – we’ve just taken two extra films to build up to them.

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But if that’s the case, it’s actually possible one of the most out-there ideas of the entire Jurassic Park franchise could make its way on to the big screen. Could we see full-blown human-dino hybrids in Jurassic World 3?

The Human-Dino Concept

In 2002, William Monahan was hired to work on the script for what was, at that time, Jurassic Park 4. He finished the first draft of the script in 2003, and John Sayles then took over rewrites. The second draft of Sayles’s script actually leaked online, and it definitely featured some very unusual ideas. Starring an ex-military mercenary named Nick Harris, who was hired to help John Hammond erase his mistakes by wiping out the dinosaurs. Returning Isla Nublar, they intend to obtain genetic samples, but in a staggering and unexpected twist Harris winds up uncovering a plot to create genetically engineered dinosaur warriors. Corrupt corporations had blended the genes of dinosaurs, notably Deinonychus, with strands of canine and human DNA. Their goal was to create dinosaurs intelligent enough to take orders. In a surreal plot twist, Harris was coerced into acting as a kind of drill sergeant to the human-dino hybrids.

Sayles’s script didn’t go anywhere, and the franchise remained in Development Hell for over a decade. In 2012, though, we learned that development may have been a lot further on than previously believed. Concept artist Carlos Huante had actually been commissioned to design the so-called “humanosaurus” hybrids, and that art leaked online. Huante toyed with a range of possible designs, creating human-dino hybrids from creatures like the Triceratops. Some of his designs are interesting, while others feel like they inspired Sony’s version of the Lizard in their Amazing Spider-Man films. ILM denied that the concept art was official, suggesting it may come from Huante’s personal work.

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There are actually faint thematic ties between Sayles’s script and Trevorrow’s Jurassic World trilogy. The most notable is Trevorrow’s clear fascination with hybrid dinosaurs. Has Trevorrow been setting up the human-dino hybrids for Jurassic World 3?

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