Will MODOK Appear As A Villain In Avengers 4?

The writers of Avengers 4 have spent years teasing MODOK in the MCU – and they’re not done suggesting the villain. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand on the big and small screen, almost all of the classic heroes and villains have appeared in some form or another. But one major rogue who’s yet to arrive has two very vocal champions. Back in 2011, Captain America: The First Avengers co-writer Christopher Markus said he wanted MODOK for the sequel, allowing Steve Rogers to battle one of his most iconic foes.

Though the design of MODOK is quite unusual, Markus and his writing partner Stephen McFeely still think he could easily fit into the grounded world of the MCU. After all, the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has greatly expanded the aesthetic palette Marvel can work with. Regardless of any obstacles, however, the duo have remained insistent about the character’s involvement in a future film. In 2014, the Captain America: The Winter Soldier writers teased MODOK was almost in the movie and reaffirmed their desire to bring him aboard someday. Could 2019 be the year?

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The Fat-Man on Batman podcast, hosted by Kevin Smith and Marc Bernadin, spoke with Markus and McFeely about which villains they still want to bring into the MCU, and who almost made the cut for Avengers: Infinity War. According to Markus, MODOK was once again in contention, but the prospect of introducing the unique villain was too much to deal with.

I’ve wanted to put M.O.D.O.K. in, and it’s very hard to go ‘here’s the supporting character the giant head’.’ And then we’re going to get on with the story. We just came to him for information. Like you kind of have to design the whole movie around the guy with the giant head.

Avengers: Infinity War was a busy film, but its balance of characters and story kept it from feeling bloated. Part of that was due to a main focus on Thanos and some periphery attention given to the Black Order and the mindless Outriders. Still, a return for the Red Skull was worked in, though that didn’t require nearly as much explanation as setting up a whole new villain. But Avengers 4 could introduce new villains to plague the Avengers during their darkest hour, with Thanos only coming into play later in the film. If that’s the case, then the creepy MODOK could emerge from the chaos. Markus said:

I have love for M.O.D.O.K. and I still think properly done he’d be terrifying. Like you look all the way down the hall and like this huge head comes around the corner and starts coming and…oh, it would be awesome.

MODOK would certainly be a frightening presence if executed properly, and Avengers 3 opened up all sorts of doors for the MCU. The “grounded” nature of the universe has expanded to include a lot of fantastical concepts, and A.I.M. already exists in some form. With that in mind, the science terrorist group could reform after their defeat in Iron Man 3 and use the loss of Earth’s heroes to create MODOK. The villain and his creators could then be explored further in a future Iron ManCaptain America, or Avengers film, any of which Markus and McFeely would likely be happy to write if it includes MODOK. We’ll have to wait and see if that happens, but Avengers 4 isn’t far away now and could finally make the writing duo’s longtime dream come true.

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Source: Fat-Man on Batman

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