WTF Is “Big Dick Energy” & Does Diplo Have It?

So, “Big Dick Energy” is a thing now. Maybe you’ve heard of it… But what does it actually mean?

The phrase has been popping up all over the internet and to be honest, we were just going to ignore it. But, now that acts like Diplo, Ray Volpe, and Bad Royale have joined in on the conversation, it’s our duty to step in.

To appreciate Big Dick Energy, otherwise known as BDE, one must fully grasp the concept. It’s probably not what you’re thinking, because the saying doesn’t necessarily require that you’re well-endowed in “that” department. While that’s a nice bonus, BDE is really more about your attitude and the energy you give off.

This is the viral tweet that started it all…

Then, there was that very critical tweet and delete from Ariana Grande about her fiancé Pete Davidson. Prior to the tweet in the screenshot below, a fan referenced a track title of the pop star’s — “Pete” — asking how long it is. Welp, Queen Ari had a helluva answer.

The buzz about Arianna, her man, and his unmistakable BDE set the internet ablaze, catapulting the phrase from viral tweet to one of the most talked about memes of 2018. The rest is history…

So, now that you know what BDE is, let’s help Diplo figure out if he has it. We’re not just singling him out here — the producer actually posed his self-reflecting question in the Tweet below. So, we’ll use him as a prime example.

The short answer is simply, “no.” Because, the only unwritten rule about Big Dick Energy is if you have to ask if you have it, you don’t.

Diplo Talks BDE…

Even More Big Dick Energy…


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