Wuki and Ape Drums Unleash “Bed Squeek”

Another secret weapon from Los Angeles based producer, Wuki, is finally making a release on Insomniac Records. After several years of making relentless bangers that have littered countless DJ sets such as “DADADA” and “Make It Clap”, Wuki has continuously broken the threshold of bedroom producer to mass manufacturer of dancefloor weapons. His latest is a collaborative effort with Miami based Ape Drums comes in the form of “Bed Squeek”, a high energy track borrowing from styles such as footwork, trap, and the unmistakeable sound of bed squeeking samples. Expect this track easily throughout this years festival season because it is without a doubt a certified banger!

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Wuki and Ape Drums Unleash “Bed Squeek”

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