Yang Hyun Suk Posted A Sexist Joke On His Instagram

YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk Instagrammed a sexist “joke” only to delete it as soon as he received backlash in the comments, but the Internet knows what he did.


His latest update shared an “Adam and Eve” joke which immediately felt inappropriate for a lot of his followers.


Those who were offended, began tweeting about it, as well as commenting on his Instagram itself that the joke was sexist.

Yang Hyun Suk since removed the post from his Instagram account.


Some netizens weren’t surprised. They claim Yang Hyun Suk has a history of being a blatant sexist.


Others think his account was hacked, as Yang Hyun Suk often only posts about his agency artists and promotions.


Yang Hyun Suk has not responded in any way about the growing number of tweets and comments calling him out as sexist. The debate remains heated though.

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