YG Hints That BIGBANG’s Comeback May Be Sooner Than You’d Think

Yang Hyun Suk opened up in an in-depth interview about BIGBANG‘s future goals and a possible time frame for their comeback after the members complete their military enlistment.


He first looked back on how far BIGBANG has come so far within the past decade. He emphasized how they broke all odds to become a legend in K-Pop history.

“BIGBANG debuted in August 2006, so they’ll be celebrating their 12th anniversary this year. When they were debuting, our goal was to create a group that will last 10 years. But much like their song “Lies”, it feels like we expected BIGBANG to become a large tree but they became a massive mountain instead.” — Yang Hyun Suk


Yang Hyuk Suk gave a surprising announcement that BIGBANG’s comeback may be closer than you’d think. He claimed that their hiatus won’t be long as most of the members will be discharged from the military at the end of next year.

“Aside from Seungri, the rest of the members have enlisted in the military and will be done with their service by the end of next year. Thus, I don’t think BIGBANG’s hiatus will be that long.” — Yang Hyun Suk


He hopes BIGBANG will soon be able to continue on their path to making history as the legendary kings of K-Pop!

“It’s rare for a dance group to continue over 10 years, but BIGBANG achieved even the impossible by becoming a group that continues to grow in massive popularity from all over the world. If I had one wish, I would hope that BIGBANG and their long relationship with their fans could become something that other junior groups can look up to.” — Yang Hyun Suk

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