YG Releases First Look At Their Huge New Headquarters Set To Open In 2019

Yang Hyun Suk posted the first look at YG Entertainment‘s new headquarter building that they’ve been working on for years!

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YG bought out the land next to their current headquarters in Mapo-gu. There were rumors that YG was planning to build a one-stop destination for everything K-Pop in the said location.


The overall shape of the building is a futuristic rectangular box with windows that make up a third of the walls.

yg new building 4


The inside will mirror the same feel from the outside, where it will feature sleek, grey, futuristic designs.

yg new building 1


Yang Hyun Suk revealed that it took 3 years of planning to finalize the design of the upcoming building.

yg new building 2

“It took 3 years of hard thinking for the design.” — Yang Hyun Suk


And it’s basically three times the size of their current building!

yg new building 5

The smaller building to the left is YG’s current headquarters.


The new building will become YG Entertainment’s new headquarters, which is set to open near July 2019 – just in time for BIGBANG to record their first album after completing their military services!

yg new building 3

“Recording for the new BIGBANG album will take place here.” — Yang Hyun Suk

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