Young Avengers Movie With Cassie Lang Would Be Cool, Says Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige thinks it would be cool to make a Young Avengers movie starring Ant-Man‘s Cassie Lang. Even though the last 10 years of MCU films have stayed primarily focused on a handful of characters, Marvel’s always thinking of the future. Recent examples like Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis teasing the existence of his nephew who comic readers know to be Miles Morales show just how forward thinking the studio is in keeping their options open. This type of set up can even come with casting of supporting characters, such as Cassie Lang in the Ant-Man series.

The first Ant-Man introduced audiences to Abby Ryder Fortson as Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) adorable daughter, Cassie Lang. The marketing for Ant-Man and The Wasp has even started to plant the seeds that Cassie wants to be a hero someday too. That’s exactly what she does in the comics by becoming the hero known as Stature where she is an original member of the Young Avengers.

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Screen Rant had the opportunity to speak to Kevin Feige at the press junket for Ant-Man and The Wasp and ask him about the possibility that Cassie’s comic book potential will be fulfilled. Taking it a step further though, our question pertained to how she could be used to help bring the Young Avengers to the big screen.

Screen Rant: Do you think that we’ll ever get the Young Avengers because Cassie and Stature, that goes hand in hand.

Kevin Feige: Clearly, anything from the comics is our inspiration going forward. We love that Cassie in this movie in particular is inspired by her father, wants to do good. Certainly, we’re following that trend. Where, when, how, we’ll see, but I think it would be cool.

Even though Feige isn’t ready to commit to the Young Avengers just yet publicly, it does appear to be something they’re building towards. One of the more intriguing stories to come out of the Avengers 4 production process was the revelation that an older version of Cassie had been cast. Emma Furhmann will play the older version and is seven years older than Fortson, possibly alluding to a rather significant time jump. It isn’t known if Furhmann will show off Stature’s own size-changing abilities in Avengers 4, but it looks more likely than not that Cassie will suit up at some point.

Cassie becoming Stature is one thing, but there’s still plenty of other developments that must happen for the Young Avengers to form. The original team consists of Nathaniel Richards aka Iron Lad, the time traveling descendent of the Fantastic Four; Elijah Bradley aka Patriot, the descendent of another version of Captain America; William Kaplan aka Wiccan, the child of Scarlet Witch’s manipulated reality; Teddy Altman aka Hulkling, a Kree shapeshifter; and Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye.

There have been seeds planted for a few, but Patriot is the closest to making it to the big screen after once being considered for Black Panther. Iron Lad may have to wait until the Fox-Disney deal closes, while Wiccan, Hulkling, and Kate Bishop could all receive more set up in upcoming MCU films. Marvel could also adjust the roster as they see fit to include a few other highly requested characters, and maybe even both Wiccan and Speed. If Feige is considering Young Avengers, we should know more by the end of Avengers 4.

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