Young Justice Outsiders: Every Minor DC Character Cameo

Young Justice Outsiders DC Character Cameos

Young Justice: Outsiders contains a number of cameos by some incredibly obscure DC Comics characters. This is hardly surprising, given how deeply the popular animated series draws off the well of its source material. Nevertheless, the sheer number and variety of characters who were worked into the background of various episodes is a testament to the creative teams’ commitment to replicating the multiverse of DC Comics as accurately as possible.

First airing on Cartoon Network in 2010, Young Justice proved to be a cult-classic that attracted fans far beyond its intended audience. That audience rallied when the show was unceremoniously cancelled after only two seasons, with the show’s third season now airing on the DC Universe streaming service. While the show has introduced a number of beloved original characters, such as Artemis Crock and Kaldur’ahm, it is largely lionized for how it has utilized a wide spectrum of characters across DC Comics’ many decades of existence.

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The following breakdown profiles thirty of these appearances by various DC Comics characters. Some of these characters have appeared on the show before, but are still notable in their obscurity in the original comic books. Others are fairly major characters whose appearances amount to minor cameos but may indicate a larger role in the seasons to come, much like how Stephanie Brown appeared as a hostage in Young Justice: Invasion before appearing in Young Justice: Outsiders as the heroine The Spoiler.

Dr. Simon Ecks

Young Justice Dr. Simon Ecks Dr. Double X

In the world of Young Justice, Dr. Simon Ecks is a world-famous geneticist who took a position with a children’s hospital in Markovia for unknown reasons. It was later revealed that Dr. Ecks was involved with the metahuman trafficking trade in Markovia, testing children for their potential to develop superpowers and triggering their transformation into brainwashed super-soldiers for auction. Dr. Ecks was also revealed to be a metahuman who had the power to create clones of himself.

First appearing in Detective Comics #261 in November 1958, Dr. Double X is very much a product of the Silver Age of Comics. One of the many scientists of the era who made a revolutionary discovery only to use it for committing petty crimes against the world that mocked him, Dr. Double X was easily defeated by Batman despite his development of a device that created a clone of himself with energy powers. He proved just as ineffectual against The Flash, when he and the equally obscure Rainbow Raider decided to trade arch-enemies.

Catherine Cobert

Young Justice Catherine Cobert

Catherine Cobert is the Public Relations Officer of the Justice League. She is seen speaking before the United Nations in the episode “Royal We,” formally announcing the list of heroes who recently resigned from the team. In the comics, Catherine Cobert filled a similar role in Justice League International, where she managed the team’s embassy in Paris.

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Young Justice Troia

The announcement of several Justice League members resigning from the team leads to a vigorous debate. One of the few voices speaking out on behalf of the heroes is Troia, the Ambassador of the Amazon homeland of Themyscira. In the comics, Troia was the second codename taken on by Donna Troy, who helped Wonder Woman as Wonder Girl. She was also part of the team of teenage superheroes during the five year gap between season 1 and season 2 of Young Justice, according to Executive Producer Greg Weisman.

Kaizen Gamorra

Young Justice Kaizen Gamorra

One of the many world leaders at the United Nations who speak out against the Justice League is Kaizen Gamorra. In the Wildstorm Universe comics, Kaizen Gamorra is the ruler of the rogue nation of Gamorra, which stands at the forefront of the fields of genetic engineering and cybernetic implants. Backed by armies of clones, cyborgs and metahumans, Gamorra was a continual thorn in the sides of Stormwatch, Mr. Majestic and The Authority.

Nikolas Stofka

Young Justice Nikolas Stofka

One of the most tragic elements of the season came in “Eminent Threat” when a Markovian farmer named Nikolas Stofka wrongly shot the just-liberated Plasmus thinking he was a monster. Nikolas Stofka was also the name of a character in a similarly tragic story in The Outsiders #14 . Here, Nikolas was a young Markovian who befriended a lost young woman, not realizing she was secretly Windfall – one of the metahuman mercenaries employed by Baron Bedlam during his attempted coup. Despite Windfall honestly trying to turn over a new leaf, Nikolas gleefully joined the mob that wanted to burn her at the stake when her identity was discovered.

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Zviad Baazovi

Young Justice Zviad Baazovi Bad Samaritan

Despite exposing Baron Bedlam’s treachery, Prince Brion Markov was still exiled from his homeland by his older brother, upon the advice of Makrov’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Zviad Baazovi. In the comics, Zviad Baazovi was a master spy known as The Bad Samaritan. Working alternatively as an agent of the Russian government, an adviser to Baron Bedlam and the White Bishop of the covert organization Checkmate, Baazovi’s activities pit him against the Outsiders on more than one occasion.

Page 2: Courtney Whitmore, Henry Fyff & More

Young Justice Courtney Whitmore Stargirl

Courtney Whitmore

In the reality of Young Justice, Courtney Whitmore is the host of a popular entertainment news program called Star Girl. In the comics, Courtney Whitmore is the secret identity of the superhero Stargirl, who will be getting her own live-action series on DC Universe in August 2019. Amusingly, the character is voiced by Whitney Moore, who also hosts the Bringing Back Young Justice show about the production of Young Justice: Outsiders.

Henry Fyff

Young Justice Henry Fyff

As Artemis and Halo are enjoying a day at the park in “Private Security,” they are nearly run over by young man who gets a little too into the Augmented Reality game he is playing on his Goode Goggles. The episode credits identify this gamer as Henry Fyff. In the Green Arrow comics of the Rebirth era, Henry Fyff is a former Queen Industries employee whom Oliver Queen would later employ as Green Arrow’s technical support, filling the role held by Felicity Smoak on Arrow.


Young Justice Mantis

Introduced in the episode “Away Mission,” Mantis is the leader of Forager’s hive and the one responsible for the idealistic young bug’s exile when his attempts at forging peace between the New Gods and the bug people end in failure. In the original New Gods comics by Jack Kirby, Mantis was the leader of a hive of the bug people of New Genesis who migrated to Apokolips, finding life under Darkseid preferable to the rule of Highfather. In exchange for his loyalty, Darkseid gave Mantis phenomenal powers that made him second only to Darkseid himself. It remains to be seen if this version of Mantis will follow in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart and pledge his people to Darkseid’s cause.

Wilhelm Vittings

Young Justice Wilhelm Vittings

One of the visions Halo has of her previous life before gaining her powers involves her being harassed by a Markovian skinhead. This character is credited with the name Wilhelm Vittings, who was quite a different character in the comics but equally reprehensible. A puppet of the supervillain Psycho-Pirate, Wilhelm Vittings was one of the candidates who ran for the post of Markovia’s Prime Minister as the country transitioned from an absolutely monarchy to a constitutional monarchy with a parliament. The Outsiders would later thwart Psycho-Pirate’s plan to rule Markvoia by proxy and Vittings was forced from office and imprisoned.

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Steve Lombard

Young Justice Steve Lombard

Before beginning a training session with the rest of the Outsiders in “Evolution,” Superboy listens to a sports news show hosted by a man named Steve Lombard. In the comics, Steve Lombard was a former quarterback for the Metropolis Meteors, who worked for The Daily Planet as a sports reporter. Despite his macho posturing and continual prank-playing (the most frequent target of which was the mild-mannered Clark Kent), Lombard was a noble soul, who took up writing after a career-ending knee-injury he acquired while saving a falling baby.

Casey Klebba

Young Justice Casey Klebba

Casey Klebba is a security guard at STAR Labs’ Detroit facility, who manages the impressive task of wounding Cheshire as she and her gang made their escape while robbing the laboratory of Dr. Silas Stone in “Triptych”. He appears later in “Another Freak,” as one of the STAR Labs personnel who help Dr. Stone to save his son Victor. In the comics, Casey Klebba was the chief of security at STAR Labs’ Detroit facility in the 2013 Vibe solo series.

Page 3: The Mist, Cisco Ramon & More

Young Justice Outsiders Metahuman Failsafe Device and The Mist

The Mist

Part of Cheshire’s gang who perform the STAR Labs heist in “Triptych,” The Mist is a teenage metahuman with the power to change her body into fog. She is later revealed to have been mind-controlled into working for Stagg Industries. A female villain called The Mist was the self-proclaimed arch-enemy of Jack Knight – the protagonist of the 1994 Starman series. Daughter of the original Mist, she replicated the process that gave her father his powers and dedicated herself to Jack Knight’s destruction after he killed her brother and drove her father insane.

Doctor Moon

Young Justice Doctor Moon

After making her escape from STAR Labs in “Triptych”, Cheshire has her bullet wound treated by a man named Dr. Moon, who apparently acts as an on-call doctor for supervillains in need of healing. First appearing in Batman #240, Dr. Moon was a former brain surgeon who started selling his services to the underworld in order to finance his illegal experiments. Over the years, Dr. Moon has been employed by The Joker, the Suicide Squad and Black Lightning’s arch-enemy Tobias Whale.

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Galet Dasim

Young Justice Galet Dasim

Eagle-eyed fans may recognize Galet Dasim – one of the aliens Lobo tells to get out of his way in the episode “Home Fires” – as the prosecutor who oversaw the trial of the Justice League members accused of attacking the plant Rimbor in Young Justice: Invasion. While the character of Galet Dasim is unique to the reality of Young Justice, his name and character design are close to that of the Green Lantern Malet Dasim. A lawyer before he was found worthy of joining the Green Lantern Corps, Malet Dasim frequently oversees the internal legal proceedings whenever a Lantern’s actions are brought into question.

Ron Evers

Young Justice Ron Evers

Ron Evers is one of Victor Stone’s teammates, who says he would like to date Black Canary if he had superpowers. In the comics, Ron Evers was a friend of Victor Stone, who began investigating STAR Labs after Victor mysteriously disappeared following his transformation into Cyborg. Seeing what his friend had been turned into and assuming the worst, Ron attempted to blow up the lab only to injure himself and be transformed into a cybernetic super soldier for the US Government himself. Though Victor would later see Ron freedl, their friendship never recovered and Ron went on to become a minister who led a religious sect with strong anti-technology beliefs.

Sebastian Cardona

Young Justice Sebastian Cardona

Sebastian Cardona is another one of Victor Stone’s teammates, who says he would like to date Wonder Woman if he suddenly found himself with superpowers. In the comics, Sebastian Cardona was a star football player for the chief rival of Victor Stone’s high school. The two would meet years later after Victor Stone had become Cyborg and became good friends.

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Cisco Ramon

Young Justice Cisco Ramon

The equipment manager for Victor Stone’s football team, Cisco is mocked when he says that he’d rather date Zatanna over Black Canary or Wonder Woman, when trying to join in the locker room talk. Though his last name is never mentioned, it’s clear that this Cisco is Cisco Ramon, a.k.a. the superhero Vibe. Though he was a member of the Justice League in the 1980s, Cisco is probably better known and better loved today as the engineering genius behind Barry Allen’s super-suit and countless anti-metahuman weapons on The Flash series on The CW.

Page 4: Bash Bashford, Harper Row & More

Young Justice Bash Bashford Victor Stone

Bash Bashford

Near the end of “Exceptional Human Beings,” Victor Stone is approached by a talent scout with Metropolis University, who introduces himself as Bash Bashford. In the classic Superboy comics, Bash Bashford was a sports star at Smallville High School, who bragged about being tougher than Superboy and bullied Clark Kent. His cowardice and incompetence were always revealed by Superboy, who showed up to save the day when Bash came up short facing whatever crisis was threatening the teenagers of Smallville that month.

Harper Row

Young Justice Harper Row

When Halo and Forager start school at Happy Harbor High in “Another Freak,” the only student who makes any effort to befriend them is a blue-haired girl named Harper Row. A recent introduction to the Batman mythos, Harper Row was an emancipated minor who worked as an electrical engineer maintaining Gotham City’s power grid. Discovering the “Bat Boxes” which Bruce Wayne used to disable the city’s CCTV network to mask his comings and goings as Batman, Harper improved upon their design and eventually became a crime-fighter alongside Batman as the hero Bluebird.

Dale Gunn

Young Justice Silas Tone Dale Gunn Casey Klebba

Dale Gunn is a security guard and one of the STAR Labs personnel who helps Dr. Silas Stone to save his son Victor’s life after a lab explosion in “Another Freak.” In the comics, Dale Gunn played two similar roles, first appearing in the Justice League comic book. Here, Dale Gunn was a security specialist who oversaw the maintenance of the Justice League’s base in Detroit. Following The New 52 revamp, Dale Gunn appeared in the 2013 Vibe series as an agent of ARGUS, charged with capturing Vibe and recruiting him for a new government-run superhero team.

Dr. Allen Phaedon

Young Justice Allen Phaedon

Dr. Allen Phaedon is one of Dr. Silas Stone’s colleagues at STAR Labs. In the episode “Another Freak,” he assists Dr. Stone in using the Fatherbox to try and save Victor Stone’s life, despite serious reservations. In the comics, Dr. Phaedon was an employee of STAR Labs’ Detroit facility and part of the supporting cast of the 2004 Firestorm comic.

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Dr. Sarah Charles

Young Justice Sarah Charles

Dr. Sarah Charles is another one of Dr. Silas Stone’s colleagues at STAR Labs, who assists him in using the Fatherbox to try and save Victor Stone’s life. In the comics, Dr. Sarah Charles is a frequent ally of the Teen Titans. She is also occasionally a love interest of Victor Stone, both before and after he became Cyborg.

Lenore Parris

Young Justice Violet Harper Halo Forager Fred Bugg First Day Of School

Ms. Parris is the first teacher whom Halo and Forager encounter at Happy Harbor High School. She introduces them to her homeroom class and admonishes Harper Row when she arrives late for class. In the Superfriends comic book based on the classic animated series, Lenore Parris was a teacher at Gotham Central High School who taught the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna.

Page 5: Mister Bliss, Holocaust & More

Young Justice Eddie Corliss

Eddie Corliss

Though not named in the episode, the young man on the front row of Ms. Parris’ class who mutters that Violet Harper and Fred Bugg are freaks is credited with the name Eddie Corliss. In the comics, Eddie Corliss was indirectly responsible for the formation of the Teen Titans. It was Eddie who wrote to Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad to ask if they would speak on behalf of his youth club to help argue against the mayor’s plan to institute a curfew in the town of Hatton Corners. This would lead to the three heroes encountering the villain Mister Twister and realizing the value of teamwork.

Paul Sloane

Young Justice Paul Sloane

In the reality of Young Justice, Paul Sloane is the actor who played the role of Conner – Megan’s boyfriend on the sitcom Hello, Megan. In the Golden Age Batman comics, Sloane was an actor who was cast to play the role of Harvey “Two-Face” Dent in a biographical movie about the famous gangster, only to become convinced he was the real Two-Face after half his face became scarred in an accident. Amusingly enough, he was the second person to impersonate the real Two-Face, with Harvey Dent’s butler Wilkins having taken up the role as well.

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Casey Brinke

Young Justice Casey Brinke

In the episode “Nightmare Monkeys,” Casey Brinke is the name of the EMT who comes to help Beast Boy after he lapses into a coma while using a pair of Goode Goggles. In the classic Doom Patrol comics, Casey Brinke was a young woman who was imagined into existence by the sentient roadway known as Danny The Street. This Casey Brinke was also an EMT as well as a superhero, who Danny sent out into the real world in order to find the Doom Patrol, so they could save him from the aliens known as the Vectra.

Mister Bliss

Young Justice Mister Bliss

Mister Bliss is the master of ceremonies at the metahuman slave auctions/gladiatorial combats in Bialya. Originally created for the 1994 Starman comic book, Mister Bliss was a demon who ran a carnival with an old-fashioned freakshow and fed on the suffering of his captives. He was later re-imagined as a mind-controlling metahuman ringmaster for The Flash: Season Zero comic.


Young Justice Desolation and Psimon

One of the villains employed by Queen Bee to provide security at her metahuman auctions, Devastation is an amazonian powerhouse capable of leveling buildings with her bare hands. In the comics, Devastation was created by the Ancient Greek god Cronus as an dark twin of Wonder Woman. Formed from the clay of Themyscira and blessed by Cronus and his children, Devastation was just as strong and fast as Wonder Woman. She also possessed the power of telepathy and the ability to alter the emotions of others, letting her mentally break those who would not fall to physical force.


Young Justice Holocaust

Holocaust is the fire-manipulating metahuman who is pitted against Tara Markov in the arena of Bialya. First appearing in Blood Syndicate #1, Holocaust was originally created for the Milestone Media universe and was a frequent enemy of both Static and Icon. Later introduced into the DC Universe along with the other Milestone Media characters, Holocaust’s exact power limits have never been defined. However, one issue of Teen Titans depicted him as being capable of going toe-to-toe with Kid Flash, Superboy and Cyborg simultaneously.

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