Your EDM Premiere: Felmax & PURGE – Atomic

The midtempo craze is truly taking over. While Rezz wasn’t necessarily the progenitor of it all, she was definitely a catalyst to a much larger group of producers now elbowing their way into the scene. 1788-L is another stand out producer making waves, and tomorrow, Felmax and PURGE will put their hat into the ring with “Atomic.”

Midtempo occupies a curious space between house and bass music, with decidedly heavy synths and influences but a more laidback tempo and rhythm that allows for more groove and (relatively) less headbanging. “Atomic” plays on those proclivities with pinpoint precision, eagerly feeding the masses with a pulsating rhythm and dirty synths.

These days, when you say that you could picture a song within a Rezz set, that’s a definite compliment. Check out “Atomic” below.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Felmax & PURGE – Atomic

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