Your EDM Premiere: Society of Numbers – ‘Ghosts’ [Division]

The bass music world has been laser focused on the Upbeats in recent years and all the amazing tracks they’ve been dropping, but many may not remember their halftime/hip hop side project with MC Armani Reign, Society of Numbers. If you don’t remember, their previous stuff on their Soundcloud is definitely worth checking out but anyone just hearing about this should also get ready for the trio’s big new self-titled EP due out on Friday, February 22. The best way to get ready? An exclusive premiere of their single “Ghosts” right here on Your EDM.

It’s an interesting blend of deep bass halftime and hip hop is the main focus for Society of Numbers. The way it’s put together may remind some fans of when Gorillaz collaborate with MCs but a little more geared towards EDM. As both Armani Reign and the Upbeats are bass music veterans, this only makes sense. Noisia have already debuted “Cooly” on their Noisia Radio podcast, but “Ghosts” is a track of a different color.

“Ghosts” is probably the most hip hop-centric track on the EP. Its beat is a combination of trappy snares and classic hip hop tempo but with the clean bass and sound design it seems only D&B producers can achieve. The real highlight of this track, however, is Armani Reign’s vocals and lyrical timing. Most heads know Armani as one of the most proficient MCs in the scene on both sides of the pond and while he’s lent his vox to many tracks, his work on “Ghosts” is an entirely different level and rivals some of the rap and grime greats. One would be inclined to ask “who knew,” but the answer is clear: the Upbeats knew. That’s why Society of Numbers is poised to kick bass music ass in 2019.

With all the different patterns, sounds and actual genres going on in Society of Numbers’s work, it’s possible that there is actual math behind the way the trio put these tracks together but that’s just a theory. Even Armani Reign’s parts seem expertly choreographed while not losing their impact, as in “Ghosts.”  Either way it’s a genius project and an intellectual feat to listen to with lots of diversity. If you don’t want to do all that, however, in true Upbeats style these tracks are more than conducive to letting go and just dancing.

Society of Numbers is out on Division tomorrow, February 22. The buy link will be live in the early morning, so click here for stream and purchase options.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Society of Numbers – ‘Ghosts’ [Division]

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