Your EDM Premiere: Staygold – Phase 2

Staygold is a fairly new duo, having only released a couple of originals and a remix up to this point. But that being said, they’ve already shown the depth of their sound and have piqued our interest enough for us to premiere their Phase 2 EP out today.

Phase 2 contains two songs, the lyrically powerful and ethereal “Snow Girl,” and the jazz-influenced, whimsical “All I Do.” The two share a loose rhythm together while still pushing forth vastly different tones and sounds.

“’All I Do’ and ‘Snow Girl’ are some of our favorite songs we’ve ever made. When we were writing ‘Snow Girl’ with Avena & Danny, the whole idea came to us so seamlessly because it felt like something we could all relate to.” – Staygold

Check out Phase 2 below!

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Staygold – Phase 2

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