Your EDM Premiere: THE WLDLFE – Towel (Dwilly Remix)

Dwilly isn’t a new producer by any means, but he’s certainly experiencing some new popularity thanks to some successful new singles on Monstercat, including the hit “Hands Down.”

Today, Dwilly releases his new remix for “Towel” by THE WLDLFE. The original is a sort of soft indie song, beautiful but not something you’d characterize as exciting or energetic. With the simple addition of some bouncy percussion and synths, Dwilly pumps up the energy to his usual level.

Distorted vocal chops bring the track squarely into Dwilly’s wheelhouse, putting a wildly playful spin on the original mellow track. Original vocals from Jansen Hogan still fit particularly well in the soundscape created by Dwilly, as well.

“Remixing THE WLDLFE’s new single ‘Towel’ brought out the wild side in me,” says Dwilly.

Check it out below.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: THE WLDLFE – Towel (Dwilly Remix)

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