Zedd Shares 10+ Things He Can’t Live Without [WATCH]

Zedd has this superstar DJ thing down to a science. Traveling the world, playing countless gigs, and always looking on point are simply part of his lifestyle.

So, what are the go-to items he can’t live without? GQ explores Zedd’s essentials, from his earplugs down to his sneakers. Surprisingly, Zedd has some pretty normal musts when it comes to travel.

First up, he has to be comfortable while flying (and on stage). Comfy sneakers are a must and his brand of choice is Adidas. Sweatpants, complete with a custom zipper to secure his phone, are the next level of comfort. No outfit, casual or not, would be complete without sunglasses.

Portable batteries, life keys loaded with his DAW and plug-ins, and a laptop charger are his essential accessories.

Chanel cologne, neck pillow, tissues — the list goes on. Plus, a backpack to keep everything in.

10 Things Zedd Can’t Live Without [GQ]


Photo via Rukes.com

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Zedd Shares 10+ Things He Can’t Live Without [WATCH]

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