10 Times BTS’s Security Staff Protected BTS From Sasaengs And Danger

Being on BTS‘s security team comes with a lot of pressure, but these safety experts have proved to be very good at their job. Here are 10 times when security staff protected BTS from sasaengs and other very real dangers.


1. When this staff member’s quick reflexes prevented a woman from lunging at Jimin


2. When this bodyguard protected Jungkook from an overzealous fan, just in the nick of time


3. When this security member stopped a sasaeng from trying to kiss Suga


4. When Manager Seijin went back to rescue V, who’d been trapped in the crowd


5. When security discouraged this woman, known to follow BTS from flight to flight, from pretending to be part of their entourage


6. When this eagle-eyed bodyguard stayed by Jungkook’s side while searching for possible threats to his safety


7. When this bodyguard turned himself into a human wall to allow Jungkook and Jimin safe passage, and to protect fans from getting bumped into


8. When these guards had to use force to stop BTS from being dangerously overcrowded


9. When the staff at this Hong Kong airport gained ARMY’s respect for keeping everyone safe


10. BONUS: Every time BTS acted like Suga’s bodyguards

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