9+ Pictures That Prove EXO’s D.O. Looks Good In Every Color

We’re sure EXO’s D.O. can pull anything off any color with his good looking face and these photos will prove it.

1. Red – It’s the perfect color for his fair complexion!

DO Rainbow (18)

DO Rainbow (2)

2. Orange – He rocks the most challenging color!

DO Rainbow (4)

DO Rainbow (3)

3. Yellow – Awwww, look at that little baby chick~ (Literally…)

DO Rainbow (5)

DO Rainbow (6)

4. Green – He looks like an elf! So cute!

DO Rainbow (7)DO Rainbow (8)

5. Blue – So pure and innocent

DO Rainbow (9)

DO Rainbow (10)

6. Navy – Next Door Oppa Vibes

DO Rainbow (16)DO Rainbow (11)

7. Purple – Of course, he looks good in purple!

DO Rainbow (12)

8. Black – It matches his deep dark eyes

DO Rainbow (13) DO Rainbow (14)

9. White – No explanation needed.

Do rainbow (19)

DO Rainbow (15)

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