A Stranger Walked in on Jeongyeon While She Was in the Washroom

Jeongyeon revealed an unforgettable experience she had in a plane washroom.

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On an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, TWICE featured as guests on the show and had a good time.

On the show, the TWICE members shared various experiences they’ve had in the past. In particular, Jeongyeon drew a lot of attention with a very embarrassing story.

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Jeongyeon started off by saying, “I had to go so badly that I rushed to the washroom as soon as I got on the plane.”

She continued and said, “When I was finished, I flushed with my pants still down when someone opened the door.”

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That’s not all. Jeongyeon said that she turned around out of surprise and made eye contact with the passenger.

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Luckily, that passenger was a woman.

Jeongyeon reminisced about the humiliating experience while explaining, “It was so urgent that I forgot to lock the door.”

After hearing that, Kim Hee Chul asked, “Did she recognize you?”

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In response, Jeongyeon said, ” I don’t think she did”, and Kang Ho Dong said, “Well, now she knows” and stirred up a good laugh.

The footage can be watched below:

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