BigHit’s New Rookie Group, TXT, Is “Coming Soon”

BigHit Entertainment‘s highly anticipated new boy group may be debuting in less than 24 hours!



On January 9, BigHit Entertainment‘s dropped a tweet with a mysterious “coming soon” teaser that rocked ARMY‘s world.

BigHit Entertainment Uploads A Mysterious Teaser “Coming Soon”?


The website in the tweet has a counter that began counting down from 24 hours. The site address is “”.


At first, most fans assumed that this was all linked to BTS’s comeback and the mysterious “Smeraldo Books” Twitter account, until they discovered the website’s true meaning.

Big Hit Entertainment’s Mysterious “Smeraldo Books” Piques Fans’ Curiosity


The answer is hidden in plain sight, right in the code! The keywords are, “Big Hit Entertainment”, “BigHit”, “K-Pop”, “KPOP”, and…”New Boy Group”!



Fans have also found another site called “”, which appears to be the group’s official website.



The group’s name is believed to be “TXT” or TOMORROW x TOGETHER, based on the logos fans uncovered…



…on the group’s official YouTube account.

ARMY Discover Mysterious Evidence That Big Hit Entertainment Is Planning Something New


When fans first discovered the channel, back in December, it was called “Idol 2X2” and had a profile picture with one of the TXT logos.



Now, the same channel is called “Blue Goblin TV”….



…and it has this profile image of a bear wearing a blue mask.


The group also has an official Twitter account set up.



After months of wondering and waiting, fans will finally get to meet BTS’s brother group!

Big Hit Entertainment Will Debut a Brand New Boy Group in 2019

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