BTS Takes Another “First” Title With DNA MV Hitting 600 Million Views

BTS‘s “DNA” music video has hit another milestone and ARMYs are celebrating! Around 7:18 PM on the 9th of January (KST), “DNA” music video hit 600 million views, making BTS the first K-pop group with that amount of views on a single music video.

“DNA” is the title track of BTS’s album Love Yourself: Her. The music video is known for its beautiful and colorful aesthetics, flipping between what seems like virtual reality and the universe. It visually represents the message of the song: “our fates were aligned from the beginning and we were one from the DNA”.

Aside from “DNA”, BTS also boasts a huge amount of views on other music videos. Most notable ones are “Fire”, “Dope”, “FAKE LOVE” and “MIC DROP” at over 400 million views; and “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “Save Me”, and “Idol” at over 300 million views.

Fans are celebrating and congratulating one another after having worked hard to hit this milestone, through small giveaways and heartfelt comments.

  • We gathered our power and made history again! I love you all and I’m so proud!
  • BTS and ARMY are the “first” and the “best”
  • So excited to have finally hit 600 million views! Congrats to ARMYs who streamed hard, even giving up sleep sometimes.

Congratulations BTS and ARMY!

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