Your EDM Playlist: Insomniax Discuss The Influential Tracks that Led to ‘Foghorn’ [Videos]

So apparently there’s been a resurgence in the foghorn sample or sine wave in DnB of late, or at the very least more attention is being paid to it. As the name implies, the foghorn is a sample or programmed sound that has the heavy bass and wave-in, wave-out feel of its namesake. With all the discussions going in recent months about what is and is not a foghorn track (it should be loosely defined at best), Viper artists Insomniax decided to cut out the middle man with their most recent track and just name it “Foghorn.” The UK duo are efficient if nothing else.

In light of their valiant efforts to bring “Foghorn” to the forefront of DnB as well as a series of bangers on Viper recently including their “Gravitron” on the Viper 2019 Annual LP out worldwide tomorrow, Your EDM decided it was time to ask Insomniax what kind of tracks they love. In this very articulate playlist from Ollie, we can really see the duo’s passion for drum and bass, for making music and, of course, for foghorn DnB. Read/listen on:

Moses and Zero T – Monarch

When this was released I remember thinking how unique it sounded, a lot of artists at the time were making big hitters and this track was a real breath of fresh air. I love the way the long brass style bass just
drones along throughout the track – so minimal and simple. Since hearing ‘Monarch’ It was always my intention to write something with a similar vibe. A few years ago I made the “Foghorn” bass patches but didn’t actually
use them for “Foghorn” until the end of 2017.

DJ Fresh – Floodlight

Absolute classic DJ Fresh and there’s no denying that I’ve taken influence from this track, especially the intro. I love the way Fresh used to write tracks based on a theme. It gave his music such identity and you would always remember hearing them in the raves. When I started writing this track I already knew that I wanted the theme
to be based around the seaside. I spent a long time thinking about how I could arrange all of the samples together. After some time I remembered what Fresh did with floodlight and thought I could tie the intro
together in a similar way.

Bad Co UK – Nitrous

The old Apple Mac Xerox text to speech app. Again a little nod at Bad Company and DJ Fresh. I always loved hearing that voice on tunes at the raves. So simple but so effective.

Origin Unknown – Sound in motion

One of my all time favorite DnB tracks. I used to love the way the Ram Trilogy guys filtered their bass sounds,
especially on this track. It gave the bass so much movement and squelch. The bass seems to slither in and out like a snake. I still take so much inspiration from old RAM releases from that era and tried to incorporate
some of that influence into “Foghorn.”

Benny L – Low Blow

I didn’t actually take inspiration from this tune. It was more of it giving me the confidence that people would get it. Before “Low blow” came out I had half written “Foghorn” and couldn’t seem to find the drive
to finish it. I didn’t think people would understand it because of its unusual sound and arrangement.
When I heard “Low blow” by Benny L and what a great response it was receiving it gave me the green light to finish “Foghorn.” Although they don’t sound at all like each other they both share that same kind of long, sustained drone bass. That kind of sound seemed to connect really well with people in 2018.

“Foghorn” is out now on Viper of course and the Viper Annual drops worldwide today, January 9 and features Insomniax’s insane new track, “Gravitron.” Check it out on Beatport, Soundcloud and Spotify.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Playlist: Insomniax Discuss The Influential Tracks that Led to ‘Foghorn’ [Videos]

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